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New Arrivals: Embracing the Perfect Palm Springs Vibe with ST33LE's Summer 2024 Collection

New Arrivals: Embracing the Perfect Palm Springs Vibe with ST33LE's Summer 2024 Collection

At Peepa’s, we’re always on the lookout for new items to match the season and special events—whether it's for Pride Month, the holiday season, or through the changing tides of spring, summer, and fall. It's incredibly exciting to discover products that resonate with our customers and complement our unique vibe. Throughout the year, we're constantly being introduced to new products and creators, opening up possibilities for fresh additions to our store. And ST33LE… it’s the perfect addition to our already impressive menswear collection.


In January, we had the pleasure of previewing ST33LE’s summer collection, and it was an instant hit. The knits, colors, and patterns perfectly encapsulate the Palm Springs aesthetic—midcentury modern, yet contemporary and sexy. The limited edition shorts, along with the entire ST33LE lineup, exude an elite look and feel. The patterns and textures are rich and sophisticated, and experiencing these luxurious pieces in person reveals their true allure, which photos alone can’t fully capture. Really, when you come and visit, don’t be afraid to feel the texture, and to try on anything you feel fits your style.

This summer, we’re thrilled to expand our ST33LE performance wear selection at Peepa’s! We’ve added basic rib tanks in various colors, along with knit joggers and the ultra-sexy 3.5” vault shorts in four stunning hues. Performance wear from ST33LE isn’t just for the gym—it’s comfortable, moisture-wicking, stretchy, and flattering for all body types. Even if you’re not hitting the gym daily, adding quality performance wear to your wardrobe is a must.

ST33LE’s style, described as “made for endless summer,” aligns perfectly with the essence of Palm Springs. It’s no wonder Golden Age Hollywood stars flocked here to escape, as our desert oasis remains bright, sunny, and warm even when Los Angeles is cold and gray. So when we hear “endless summer”, it’s just one more thing that made us so excited about bringing ST33LE into our store for you to discover.

Overall, ST33LE’s summer collection is a flawless match for the Palm Springs vibe. Beyond their stunning colors and patterns, the consistency in sizing is commendable. Once you know your size with ST33LE, you’re set, making shopping both in-store and online a breeze.

Come visit Peepa’s to experience the luxurious feel of ST33LE’s summer collection firsthand and elevate your wardrobe with pieces that embody the spirit of Palm Springs.

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