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Discovering the World of Aaron Allen Marner: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

Discovering the World of Aaron Allen Marner: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

Aaron Allen Marner is a vibrant and innovative LGBTQ POC artist residing in Palm Springs, and he's our latest featured local artist gracing the walls of Peepa's. Known wherever he’s gone for his unique visual style and a rich tapestry of influences, Aaron’s work is a testament to the power of raw creativity and self-expression. Let's explore his story and discover how his art continues to captivate and inspire, and where he wants to take his artistic vision in the future.

From Phoenix to Palm Springs: A Journey of Artistic Evolution

Aaron Allen Marner’s journey began in Phoenix, Arizona, but his adventurous soul led him to the sunny and vibrant landscape of Palm Springs. "I lived in California previously and got back into art while living in Hollywood, having my first art show in North Hollywood several years ago," Aaron recalls. His move to Palm Springs was fueled by a desire to re-explore the artistic opportunities the Coachella Valley had to offer. "Palm Springs has been extremely influential in a lot of my latest work this past year with the incorporation of more landscapes, pool themes, and brighter colors," he explains. The serene yet vibrant environment of Palm Springs has since undoubtedly added a fresh, dynamic dimension to his work— work that you can see online, but you really have to see in person to understand and experience Aaron’s multifaceted creations.

A Self-Taught Maestro with a Unique Style

Aaron’s history with visual art is as compelling and layered as his work. Without any formal training, Aaron honed his craft through sheer passion and dedication. "I was always involved in art as a child; however, I have no formal training. It was something I was always good at and decided to pursue as I got older," he shares. His inspirations are a diverse mix of renowned artists such as Kehinde Wiley, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Frida Kahlo, among others. Aaron’s unique style is a blend of various artistic elements, a reflection of his love for cartoons, comic books, superheroes, and low rider art magazines from his childhood.

Aaron’s creative journey is marked by a desire to master multiple styles and merge them into something distinctly his own. "My goal was to always try and master one style, and after a while, I just began putting a lot of different artistic nuances together to create something new," he says.

Art with Heart: Pieces with Personal Significance

Among the many pieces he has created, some hold special significance for Aaron. One such piece is "Monday Morning," created in honor of his mother and her remarkable work ethic. This piece carries deep personal meaning. Following his mother’s passing two years ago, Aaron created several more pieces in her memory.

In recent works, Aaron has also focused on expressing gay and queer topics, integrating these themes into his art, a common theme and thread that runs through modern Palm Springs. A notable piece for the Palm Springs Art Museum in February addressed queer black love, portraying an intimate moment between two black males set against a backdrop reminiscent of the 80s/90s. This piece is a homage to Keith Haring’s distinctive pattern work and highlights Aaron’s love for fashion and his commitment to representing underrepresented themes in mainstream art.

The Future of Aaron Allen Marner’s Artistic Vision

Aaron’s artistic vision is one that’s ever-evolving. While he loves painting and creating on canvas, he has aspirations that extend beyond traditional mediums. "I’d love to get into making things fashion accessible in the near future," he reveals. Additionally, his obsession with photography hints at another creative avenue he is eager to explore. Aaron’s boundless creativity ensures that his artistic journey will continue to evolve in exciting and unexpected ways. 

Aaron Marner’s art is a vibrant blend of personal experience, cultural references, and unbounded creativity. His journey from Phoenix to Palm Springs has enriched his work with new themes and inspirations, making his pieces a captivating addition to any collection. At Peepa's, we are proud to showcase Aaron's incredible work and look forward to seeing where his artistic journey takes him next. Dive into the world of Aaron Marner and let his art inspire you as much as it inspires us.

Visit our gallery online or in person in the heart of downtown Palm Springs to explore Aaron Marner’s pieces and many other exceptional works of art from artists from Palm Springs and southern California.

You can follow Aaron on Instagram at @aaronallenartstudio