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St33le is coming to Peepa's in February 2024!

St33le is coming to Peepa's in February 2024!

Just after Christmas I was looking at our men's department and wasn't sure what I should do. My men's business is a business that I am naturally passionate about, but by our half empty cabinets, and sparsely merchandised men's room, it looks more like an after-thought than a category I care so deeply about.

What I've come to learn as a small business owner of a retail store in a swanky resort town, is that it is hard to find quality men's brands that fit our vibe at Peepa's and fit our customer-both our local and tourist.

Most of the great brands are already taken and have been in business with neighboring stores for years. 

So it's been a struggle to fill up my men's room with a well-rounded assortment. And it was really, really bothering me in December and January!  ..keep in mind, last year at this time, I was super annoyed with our metal shelving and slat wall's, so I remodeled the entire store with custom cabinets. ..something about the holidays I guess! ;-)

Well as luck would have it, after I was rejected by a brand out of the UK that I found in December, I was contacted by none other than St33le's sale rep, and we began chatting about my diverse customer base at Peepa's, their growth strategy and one thing lead to another and St33le is launching this week at Peepa's!

I am beyond thrilled to be the second retailer in Palm Springs to carry this outstanding resort wear brand. It is the perfect fit for Peepa's, and it fits my saying I use when I buy for the store, "live your life in color"!

Guys, I hope that you are excited! Ladies, I hope you are too. The St33le brand has a pretty universal fit for most of its core products and it will fit a variety of body types.

Get ready to fall in love. And get ready to have some FUN wearing their bold colors, vibrant, whimsical, midcentury modern patterns and enjoy every moment in this brand that is both fashionable and casual all at once.

We will launch with the spring collection and their summer collection will deliver at the end of May.

All items will be available online, and as we learn more about how this brand will sell, our inventory will increase both in depth of the collection, and deeper inventory in sizes that sell quickly.

We will be carrying their Limited Edition Collection. And as any St33le customer knows, these items sell FAST. 

We will al so be stepping into their Active Collection sometime this spring as well. 

So our men's side is going to look very, very different! We also have some other newness coming to our men's side I'll blog about very soon as well!


That's it for now!